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Welcome to Moves Export: Where Moves Gets Connected!

Moves Export allows you to export your Moves app fitness activities automatically to RunKeeper, for free! Walks, runs or cycles that Moves records can automatically be posted to RunKeeper, where you can keep track of your activities and progress over time. Or, you can take more control and post activities to RunKeeper directly from our web storyline view! And you can now post directly to Strava too!

All About Moves Export: Where Moves Gets Connected!


Moves Export integrates with the excellent Moves (now for iPhone and Android), to export your Moves fitness activities to RunKeeper or Strava, to check-in your Moves places to Foursquare, and provides a GPX and Evernote export. We also help you visualize your fitness activities, and how you spend your time overall. And you can compare your fitness activity levels with others as part of ‘Movers and Shakers’, and you can share your activities and journeys with your social networks

And we do all this with a privacy policy which means that we protect your data: we don’t sell it, we don’t give it to anyone, and we don’t do anything with it other than provide these services on Moves Export.

You can find Moves Export as a featured web app inside Moves Connected Apps library here.

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When I discovered Moves back in March 2013 I was amazed by it’s potential… the amount and richness of the data. The one thing I didn’t like was that the data was stuck inside Moves… I quickly thought it would be nice to export my activities to RunKeeper.

I was surprised that nobody else had already built the integration (somebody always thinks of that idea first, and has had enough time/knowledge to build it, right?), so I built it… For ages, I had been checking-in to Foursquare mostly for life-logging (IFTTT to Google Spreadsheet), so then I thought why not automatically check myself into places using Moves? So I built it…


Moves Export was created by Nick Harris, and is supported in my spare time!


The key enabler for Moves Export was Google App Engine, Google’s PaaS. For people like me who are interested in development – but not at all interested in web servers, app servers, load balancing, hosting contracts, etc., etc. – it’s ideal: just build something and put it out there.