Staying Active At Home During The Pandemic


COVID-19 is following the footstep of the Spanish Flu, and it is terrible! Federal laws have imposed social distancing, and that means limits on in-person gatherings. There are even seven states that practice the stay-at-home policy. True enough, work out gyms, yoga studios, and even spinning rooms all over the US are closed for the meantime. We also cannot go to parks for a walk or run. It is on lockdown. It is not possible to exercise outdoors except if you live in a gated community where there are not so many people going around. You have to be six feet away from each other, how difficult is that!

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Best Health & Fitness Apps for IPhone And IPad In 2019


Getting fit is not just working out the body, it also needs to balance different aspects of life to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It involves balancing the mental state, having enough rest, and even eating healthy foods. If you, your friends or family are patching your way into living a healthy lifestyle, it is better to use these different health and fitness applications.

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