Physical And Mental Health


If you go onto Google and type in words “mental health and physical health,” 893,000,000 million results are produced in 0.54 seconds. What does this mean exactly? Well, this means that like you, there have been people before who have asked the question, “What does mental health have to do with our physical health or vice versa?” If you came here for an answer today, it is your lucky day because I have got you covered.

Before we get into how these two concepts link, let me tell you about them individually. Actually, these two things are basically self-explanatory. Physical health refers to the state of our physical body. When we get sick physically, it usually can easily be identified as it manifests in physical symptoms. This means that you can see the symptoms of a person’s body.

Meanwhile, mental health refers to the status of our mental health well-being. This usually is more internal, something that cannot be seen by many. Although some symptoms manifest physically, these symptoms do not usually show how symptoms of physical illness do.


Now that we have a common understanding of these two things let me tell you how to connect them. There can be multiple associations between our mental health and recurring physical conditions that may greatly affect a person’s life. As the World Health Organization (WHO) would put it, there can be no health if there is no mental health.

One of the links between these two is that people with chronic physical conditions are at a higher risk of developing a mental illness or mental health issues, which can happen vice versa. Basically, when we are sick either mentally or physically, the other part of our health is also affected. When we leave a mental health issue undiagnosed and untreated, this can cause serious physical health issues, and in some extreme cases, this may even cause death. There are also times when someone suffering from a chronic illness can develop mental health issues that can further their health decline.


With this connection made, we have to realize that taking care of our body and mind can lead us to a healthy life. We should not have to choose between those two because one is reliant on the other. There can be no growth or development if one is not as good as the other. So if you decide to choose a healthier life, make sure that you study up on both these things because you will have to nurture both.

How then are we able to prevent any health issues? Well, it is quite simple to do actually. Make sure that you are treating yourself the best way possible. One thing you could do is to, of course, eat healthily. This means you need to minimize your fast food intake and maybe go a little lighter on the soda and alcohol. The goal is to decrease the toxins and fat that you are putting into your body. This gives your body a chance to absorb all the right nutrients that it needs to keep you healthy and to go.

Another thing you could do is to exercise. Go out on a jog, or maybe take a walk, spend at least ten minutes doing something physical. This ensures that you are at least able to stretch and move your body as it requires.


For your mental health, there will always be something that can give you the boost you need. Maybe you could go back into one of your passions, like drawing or dancing. Maybe you could read that book you have on your dresser. Maybe start a journal to log all your thoughts and unexpressed emotions. Giving yourself that chance to express and nurture your mind can help you through some of your most difficult times. Sometimes, if the things we do for ourselves are no longer enough, the best thing to do is reach out for help. There will never be a reason to be ashamed of yourself for asking for help when you need it. All of us will need to once in a while.

In the end, the most important thing to remember from all this is that you should never let your health be the least of your priorities. It would help if you always put yourself first above everything and anything. Your health or your life is not worth the sacrifice. The priority should always be you. Give yourself the chance to heal from all the pain and all the sickness. When you are fully healed, you can get yourself back on track and start life again with a fresh perspective.

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