Exercise And Eat Right During Lockdown/Quarantine

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The quarantine has been lifted, but gyms are still out of the equation. With that, people are thinking of ways to sweat it out. Physical exercise is necessary even during the lockdown. It is also essential to watch what you eat. You cannot go on eating all red meats, white grains, and junk – processed foods. So, with no gym and no restaurants to cater to our meals, how do we stay healthy?

Exercise Online

During the first weeks of lockdown, going out in public to exercise, play sports as a team, or going to the gym are all prohibited. Until now, fitness gyms, recreational centers, and exercise studios are not yet opening. It will take some time before that can happen.

One of the ways to stay healthy and active during this pandemic is turning to online physical fitness classes. Some gym owners, due to the limitations, have offered online exercise sessions. They have some classes that are free while other specialized sessions are free, although it is reduced. Online training is the way these days, and we have to adapt to the changing times.

Exercising is not just for one’s physical health. If you exercise, your mental state is also getting the benefits. Physical activity will release endorphins, which can make you feel good within yourself. It is the happy hormones and will lessen your depression or anxiety.

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Online Physical Fitness Trainers

If you don’t want to use those free exercise tutorials on YouTube, you can always hire a personal trainer. For a lessened fee, they can make you a fitness program and help you achieve that healthy state even during lockdown. Of course, you will have to buy some handheld tools to help you in your program, but if that is not possible, your trainer can improvise. You can even work out even if your place is small.

Let The Kids Exercise Too

It is a must for the children to get all the physical activity that they need. Fifteen minutes a day is enough for exercise. Since they cannot go out of the house and run around, why not subject them to a thirty-minute dance lesson, yoga session, or karate class online? So many kids these days are doing that, and they are even joining their parents with the online exercise sessions.

What you just need to do now is to START. You have to start exercising and never stop.

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Some people live near the beach, and it is open for public use while maintaining social distancing. You can do your daily jog there, practice meditation or some yoga moves if you want. Just be cautious of your surroundings. If you can, maintain at least 10 feet distance between you and the other person. Better yet, exercise indoors, but if you are too cooped up inside the house, well, this can be a solution.

Motivation may be down these days due to the situation, and it’s understandable. You can always get your groove back with these ideas:

  1. Take a whiff of fresh air. I know, it’s not advisable to loiter in public. But what I am saying here is that you go out of the house, bask under the sun, and smell the fresh air. After that, you move a bit and start with the lunges or jumping jacks. It will be fun.
  2. Involve the kids in your exercise. If you have a lawn, you can play together. Hide and seek, tag, or football. This is a great time to bond with your kids, as well.
  3. If you are doing chores, dance, while watching TV, do some arms or leg exercises. Listening to music can also make you feel “active” – you can start from here and turn it into a daily program.

Move. That’s it. The lockdown can limit our movement, yes, but it should not limit our capacity to have a healthy lifestyle.

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