Staying Active At Home During The Pandemic


COVID-19 is following the footstep of the Spanish Flu, and it is terrible! Federal laws have imposed social distancing, and that means limits on in-person gatherings. There are even seven states that practice the stay-at-home policy. True enough, work out gyms, yoga studios, and even spinning rooms all over the US are closed for the meantime. We also cannot go to parks for a walk or run. It is on lockdown. It is not possible to exercise outdoors except if you live in a gated community where there are not so many people going around. You have to be six feet away from each other, how difficult is that!

Breaking the social distancing rule and going out with safety precautions is just plain selfish. You will also be putting yourself and everybody within your space in a dangerous situation. Do not be part of the problem; instead, become a solution to it.

We all know how hard it can be when it comes to staying active at this time. There is no gym to go to at this time. Everything is in lockdown. With that, how can you do your leg extensions or your back exercises on the rowing machine when it is not physically possible? You would be so lucky if you are moneyed and have your gym at home. But what if you are like me who pays each month for your healthy hobby?


No problem! There are ways to continue your work out from home, even without the use of gym equipment. The question is that, are you willing to do it? Are you ready to spend your days at home doing abs, legs, arms, shoulders, chest, and back exercises? You have to be ready, and it can be done. All you need is a great workout from home plan, the mindset to stay lean and healthy even when indoors, and determination. Do you want a size down after this pandemic or not? If you do, stay active at home even without the machines.

Brad Stulberg, a performance coach, suggested these body weight exercises that you can do at home to exercise your body effectively.

High-Intensity Interval Training: Do this five times nonstop and, at the end of the HIIT, take a 2-minute break.

Twenty Push-Ups

Twenty Bodyweight Squats or With Kettlebell for Resistance

One to Two Get-Ups on Each Side

Fifteen Leg Squats

Fifteen Shoulder Press (Kettlebell, Dumbbell, Book, Or Can!)

Ten Push-Ups


Did you feel the burn? If you felt it, then you are on the right track. If you did not feel a thing, nor did you break a sweat, then something must be wrong with your form or execution. You can check YouTube on how to properly execute the moves mentioned above so you can get the maximum benefits.


How many times do you have to work out in a week? The answer is simple – when you were working out in the gym, how many times a week did you do it? Two times? Three-time? Since your only destination, these days is from your bedroom to the living room, dining room, and balcony. I suggest you work out every single day with full-body rest once a week. It is important to rest your muscles once a week but then again grind after that.

You can also do some strength exercises at home and remember to alternate them. It can prevent muscle injury if you do that. For example, if Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are Legs, Check and Back Day, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are for Arms, Shoulders, and Abs. You can also do cardio daily, and yoga is a great way to do that.

Be creative. Even marching on the same spot for five minutes is considered exercise. Just do it! Get healthy! Don’t let COVID-19 get the best of you.

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