How Technology Is Changing The Healthcare System


Technology is one of today’s greatest achievements. With all its beneficial contribution to human lives, there is nothing that perhaps it cannot do. It is useful in education, manufacturing, building construction, transportation, as we all research and studies for the scientific approach. But right now, the focus is its momentous contribution to the healthcare system.


Technology And Healthcare

Technology is now changing the way medical providers create healthcare decisions together with the rendered treatments that suit patients. The process is now more accurate, transparent, and efficient. That is because some of technology’s contribution to healthcare reaches far better results. It allows a better and concrete diagnosis of diseases and suggests a better approach in dealing with them as well. These include telemedicine, home diagnosis, non-surgical procedures, and even therapeutic pop-up retail settings.

When thinking about the design of the app, the creators wanted to make it as easy as possible to navigate, allowing users to get what they need quickly while also being sensitive to those who don’t have the freedom of mobility. — Allison Abrams, LCSW-R


Aside from the massive technological upgrades, healthcare experts and providers are now acknowledging the importance of technology in treating patients remotely. That is the reason why digital health startups are now receiving billions of funds to sustain predictive analytics. That is because of its pilot programs that significantly show excellent results in remote monitoring and communication. Health experts and organizations are now focusing on investing in a more convenient way of providing services, which is the massive goal of implementing mobile medical applications. And that is along with its wearable health monitor technologies and devices alike.

Internet based screening tools and interventions allow for millions of people around the world to be screened for mental health problems and begin the process of change from their own homes. — Frederick Muench Ph.D.

As of wearable technology, the healthcare system is also investing primarily on creating them, precisely due to its rising trend. The technological devices’ goal is to allow a more timely administration of therapies and medical treatments for patients who find convenience in their homes. It creates a positive contribution to the healthcare system because it significantly reduces the cost of traditional intervention. That is precisely the admission rates of patients in the hospitals that go down an average percentage every year.


Technology is not only useful in creating trendy devices, but it also improves the quality of care. Though there are instances that the applications are not perfect, but its specified calculation of diagnosis is often helpful in a lot of ways through an app. It allows an alternative to immediate diagnosis and treatment through a personalized variety of readings. It becomes more convenient for patients to directly compare the number of benchmarks that show a potential cause of an illness or a disease. From there, they can manage to detect the correlation of their overall condition and medication interaction, as well as patients’ inadequate health practices.

Through sharing one’s experiences with a mental disorder, treatments, and personal tribulations, this information becomes a unique and helpful learning base for others. Those who read these published experiences suddenly realize that they are not alone in grappling with this problem. — John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

Getting excellent healthcare information through communication with professionals, patients can decide whether they want to proceed to seek out medical help or not. Technology allows them to communicate with health social groups if they instead do not wish to choose to try to find professional medical assistance. Technology allows a vast network for patients to share their readings, consult online health experts, or even seek out emotional support from other individuals as well.

Technology is not just a thing that makes lives more comfortable. It is also a tool that allows people to manage their health practices as well.

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