10 Of The Best Apps To Aid Those With Depression

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In the United States, at least 3 million people are battling with depression each year. Depression could sometimes be confused with sadness, and diagnosis is necessary to manage it. Yes, depression is treatable, and there are also other ways for you to cope with depression if you ask assistance from a therapist.

Being diagnosed with depression can be a hard thing to grasp. It is tough for a person with depression to continue doing what they used to love to do and do regular day to day activities. This can affect their lives drastically is not taken seriously.

It can be a lot easier dealing with depression when you have a community that helps and supports you. Having apps on your phone that lets you connect with other people going through the same can help you be more confident in your battles against depression. It would also help to have support from online platforms like BetterHelp, which are accessible anytime. Many people benefit from these online resources because of its flexibility.

In this article, you will be provided with a list of apps that you can use for your depressions. Each mental health issue is different, and a person needs different things to cope and prevent this illness from becoming more serious. Here are the top 10 apps for you to use:


7 cups allow users to connect and share their feelings anonymously with volunteers to help ease their pain and negative emotions.


  • Helpful Mindfulness exercises
  • Listener even on – the – go
  • Online therapist


  • The listeners are volunteers and can be hard to get in touch with someone to help you


Moodpath provides mental health assessment tests once every two weeks, but it is not for self-diagnosis for depression


  • Lots of exercises to choose from
  • Very easy to use
  • A lot of information provided for depression and anxiety


  • Requires you to download premium subscription to use other options in the app


A meditation app that helps you ease your stress and anxiety symptoms


  • Can help with sleep and school schedules
  • A panic button on the app if you feel overly stressed
  • Comes with a lot of different tools to help you with stress
  • Helps with meditation and motivation for everyday activities


  • The premium feature is quite expensive
  • Not everyone can afford it
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A science-based app that features activities to help with reducing stress, overcoming negativity, and developing greater resilience. It has a lot of games that can improve your emotional well – being.


  • Have science-based methods to help you be happier
  • A lot of games to help you de-stress
  • High success rate


  • Almost all utilities are only available in the premium version


Being able to write down your thoughts and provide assistance to what you are feeling is all featured in this app. Moodnotes helps you recognize traps in your thinking and help you push through this kind of thinking into a more positive note.


  • Helps you with your “thinking traps.”
  • Tracking your progress easily


  • Is only available in IOS


Pacifica is an app that enables you to deal with depression and connects you with like-minded people that provides you a highly – supportive group of individuals. This app can also help you with your break your unhelpful thoughts and negative emotions.


  • Helps you track your mood throughout the day so you can figure out what contingency plans to avoid those negative emotions
  • Will guide you in meditation and relaxation sessions
  • Has cognitive behavioral therapy tool


  • Tries to do so much in one app


This app helps you accomplish small tasks throughout the day and reward yourself after. This can help you build positive habits and implement them in your day to day life.


  • Helps improve personal habits through conditioning
  • Reward you for your progress


  • You are accountable for what you put in the app
  • You can cheat the app

The Sims Freeplay

Many people with depression said that this app helped them reduce symptoms of depression because it helps them become occupied and not worry too much. This game can be a coping mechanism and a relaxation game, but it will not substitute therapies and treatments.


  • Being occupied with the game can help you stress less
  • Fun and goal – oriented game


  • You can become unaware of the game as you get involved and can affect sleep
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An app that provides AI assistants as therapists, Youper incorporates treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapies that help deal with depression and anxiety.


  • Conversations feel realistic
  • Organizes very well
  • Easy to use


  • Can only select one emotion at a time


Similar to 7cups, it allows you to connect with other people with the same emotional well – being and even provides therapy sessions that are cheaper than office-based therapies.


  • Quick and easy access to licensed therapists
  • Free consultation before signing up for membership


  • The membership fee is required to access all utilities of the app
  • Different mental health professional for each session

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