Best Health & Fitness Apps for IPhone And IPad In 2019


Getting fit is not just working out the body, it also needs to balance different aspects of life to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It involves balancing the mental state, having enough rest, and even eating healthy foods. If you, your friends or family are patching your way into living a healthy lifestyle, it is better to use these different health and fitness applications.


3 Minute Mindfulness

Breathing is not just an act of inhaling and exhaling air. It can also be a relaxation method. It is essential to have a moment to breathe and relax. The 3 Minute Mindfulness provides you the proper ways of breathing to relax your mind and body. It can help in relieving the stress and anxiety you feel and focus on what is happening to you and your environment. This also helps you to improve your sleep, especially if you are experiencing difficulties. The application provides various breathing exercises that are suitable for different events or occasions. To help you build a good habit of taking time to breathe, it also has a weekly program. This application does not need any additional gadgets like Apple Watch for optimal functioning.



There are many applications you can use if you want to work out your body. Fitbit is one of these applications that can track your steps without the use of another physical tracker. It will only need the iPhone accelerometer and GPS information, and it can track your steps, the distance points, the calories you burned during your run or walk and more. It can also track sleeping habits, weight, and heart rate with well-matched peripherals. The application also has leaderboards where you can see your rank in their Fitbit Challenge. This application also allows users to share your daily workouts with your friends. It is easier to achieve your goals if you can see your actual progress.



Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker By MyFitnessPal

This application has a lot of features that can help you when you are trying to lose weight. The most helpful feature of this app is the calorie tracking. This can identify the number of calories in the food you eat, and it can also help in creating meals based on your regular food intake. It also allows you to input new information about the food that cannot be found in their database. This application can also connect to other applications and update how many calories you need to burn.




Many people may not have noticed that they can sleep better when listening into white noise. myNoise is an application that can generate a sound that helps you sleep. It may be a sound from nature or sci-fi or anything in between these two. Think of what sound you want to hear when you sleep and the sound you want to hear before you wake up. myNoise can provide it to you. The application has different sounds and can feature ten tracks in each. It can also be customized to your liking.

Brain Training


As part of the body, the brain also needs to be exercised. Even if you have a very fit body, your mind also requires some training from time to time. When you have a sharp and focused mind, you can easily keep track of the other states of your body and make it fit too. Elevate is an amazing app developed for brain training. It has sessions that help increase your reading, speaking, writing, listening and arithmetic skills. Daily brain exercises can improve your brain performance especially the speed and accuracy.

Heart Rate Tracking


If you are a person who regularly tracks their heart rate, then Cardiogram is perfect for you. It is an application that can track the heart rate data and can link with you Apple Watch that you use in measuring it. This application can give you a detailed graph of the recorded heart rate history. It also shows the average beats and to add helpful information; it even works with your heart peripherals. You will be able to see if you have heart rate spikes and do necessary actions to distress to normalize it.

These applications are just a few of the fitness guides you can download in the Apple app store. To live a healthy lifestyle, make sure you have the time to breathe and relax from the stress and environment. These applications allow you to track your progress into healthy living. It can benefit you not only in weight problems or your weight goals. This also helps you in maintaining and balancing your life.

These applications are beneficial, and you should keep these in your iPhone or iPad. It is best also to have specific gadgets like Apple Watch that allow you to measure and monitor your heart rate, calorie intake, and steps taken. Do not focus only on getting your body fit. The mind also needs to be maintained so you will be able to work efficiently.

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