2014 San Francisco Health App Conference: Advantages Of Using Virtual Fitness Trackers


2014 San Francisco Health App Conference: Advantages Of Using Virtual Fitness Trackers

When the 2014 San Francisco Health App Conference was held, I was one of those people who had zero fitness goals but got dragged into the event by friends who were very much into it. My thoughts ranged from “Ooh, there’s free food!” to “Oh, I might be the only person out of shape there.” Still, I rode the tide, thinking that it was okay even if I won’t gain anything from the convention.

To my surprise, though, I did gain something: extensive information about fitness trackers. I’ve never heard of those until that day, you see. But after learning about such apps, I have since looked at working out in a different light.

Below are a few advantages of using fitness trackers.

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1. It Is A Way To Connect With Exercise Buddies Anywhere You May Be

The primary benefit of getting a workout app is that you don’t need to be in the same place as your friends to know their progress, and vice versa. Once you all use the same tracker, you can share your details with them quickly. That can keep you from slacking off wherever you may be.

2. It Allows You To Monitor More Aspects Than Your Weight Or Speed

Another reason why fitness trackers are popular is that their functions are not only useful for runners or folks who want to lose weight. Many apps can monitor a person’s heart and pulse rate, blood pressure, or even activity time, which is beneficial for patients. Others can also suggest what healthy foods to eat or how many calories a specific variety has.

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3. It May Encourage You To Perform Exercises Better

Lastly, seeing the previous stats in the same app tends to motivate people to work harder than ever, regardless if it’s in a gym or an outdoor setting. Studies reveal that it’s because using a virtual tracker makes the activity more like a game than a chore for many. You have your own “scores” to beat; that’s why you might not want to miss any workout session.


A fitness tracker is a must-have app, whether you use it for leisure or real training. Look for the most suitable application for you now. Good luck!

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