Best Workout Apps To Get Healthy And Stay Fit For 2019


Get These Apps For A Great Workout

Smartphones make an excellent workout companion when you are focused on fitness. There are fitness apps available which include step-by-step instructions just like a personal trainer for little or no cost at all.

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach (Android, iOS: Free)

This application is an eyes-free and hands-free audio coaching that provides users with a variety of fitness levels and intensities that can adapt to your performance. They have a variety of fitness trackers and devices to track your performance and share these metrics with other fitness apps. Pear Personal Fitness Coach offers a free limited selection of workouts, the full subscription with unlimited access to the workout library amounts $5.99 per month.


Map My Fitness (Android, iOS: Free)

This is a fitness app by Under Armour. This application contains an excess of 600 different exercise activities to provide a complete picture of their performance. Users can also search for nearby running routes and share their favorite routes. Map My Fitness saves data on distance, pace and calories burned of the users. These data can also be used to set a new personal goal. Map my Fitness community can let users join challenges and allow communication to motivate friends.


Workout Trainer (Android, iOS: Free)

This application from Skimble offers thousands of free workouts to different users. This also has a timed step by step audio and video instructions to guide users. Workout Trainer also provides different routines for matching your preference for fitness. Also, users can customize and build their routine and share them online.


Nike+ Training Club (Android, iOS: Free)

Nike+ Training Club features different workout routines designed by professional athletes and celebrities. These workouts offer three levels of difficulty that focuses on strength, endurance, and mobility. The app’s audio cues also allow you to focus on the exercise and not on the screen. Also, this application can be streamed in Apple TV, Chromecast, or an HDMI cable. It also syncs with Nike+ Run Club, another application where your runs are being tracked. Additional activities such as basketball, gym training, and tennis can be entered manually.


JEFIT (Android, iOS: Free)

For those who are looking for strength training and bodybuilding workouts, then application is a perfect resource. It is loaded with an exercise database with thousands of routines that specifically target specific body parts. The app comes with complete detailed instructions, exercise log, workout planner, tracker, and timer.


Fitbit Coach (Android, iOS: Free)

The application has a guided video workout, routines, step-by-step guidance and workout playlists. This is a personal digital training coach app which can adapt to exercise methods that match the user’s physical capability and daily activities. Expanded features and other workouts are available in the premium subscription of Fitbit Coach.


Aaptiv (Android, iOS: $9.99 / £8.99 per month)

More than 2500 workouts are available based on the user’s activity. It may be activities for running, cycling, high-intensity interval training, marathon training or other training routines. These workouts training routines can be streamed or downloaded for offline use. Also, these workouts can be configured based on distance, intensity, duration, and calories burned. Aaptiv also provides trainer-led audio workouts and an accompanying music playlist for a more productive workout style.

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