Online Counseling Apps (For Depression, Anxiety And Other Concerns)

Online counseling is an alternative to traditional counseling especially when people can’t physically go to their therapists. There are many reasons why online counseling is an option to people and one of those reasons is money. Traditional counseling sessions with a licensed therapist or counselor can be very expensive. As for online counseling, payment is by the minute and at times, there are free services too.



Now, if you are looking for ways to ease your depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns that are not heavy on the pocket, you can try out these online counseling apps to help you with your issues.

Counselling Resource

Most mental health apps are focused on directing you or giving you access to professionals, therapists, and counselors. What makes the Counselling Resource different though is that the website also offers different mental health-related services like tests and articles. You can educate yourself more on mental health and the type of counseling and therapy using their quizzes and self-tests, as well as their articles.

Not everyone is comfortabl e with the thought of visiting a therapist, but the Counselling Resource can warm you up to the idea. In fact, you can learn about how to pick the right therapist for you using the tips shared in this site through a professional healthcare provider. You can also ask questions to their resident psychologist using their service, the Ask the Psychologist.


Online counseling apps like BetterHelp provides numerous benefits for patients who struggle with their mental health. Approved by the Wall Street Journal back in 2014, BetterHelp can help you with your mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and addiction by connecting you to counselors. But oftentimes, one of the things why people don’t heal from their mental health is because they get or choose counselors that aren’t good for them. Good in a way that they don’t match the patient. But this app won’t just simply connect you to counselors but rather it will make sure that you and your counselor match. Furthermore, it offers better accessibility by providing patients with other forms of online resources.




The counselors in this app aren’t directly hired by BetterHelp but rather it connects independent providers to the patients or the ones who use the platform. The risk in using this app is low too as you can use the trial first to see how it’s like to match and work with a therapist.


7 Cups

7 Cups is a fairly popular mental health app in android and iOS. Using this, you can talk to trained therapists about your problems and mental health disorders. While it might seem scary to open up to strangers online, worry not because the conversations you will be having with these therapists and counselors will be confidential. It’s not entirely free but the longer the subscription you choose, the cheaper it gets.  It can go down to $6.24 monthly for 2 years as compared to the standard $12.95 per month.




If you’re worried about the effectiveness of this app, then there’s no need to do so because this app has helped more than 6 million people and generated about 13 million conversations.



The fact that the ones you will be talking to in this app aren’t professionals may make you seem sceptical about using it but worry not because they are still trained and has experience in this field. Imagine talking to the trained peer specialists as simply talking or opening up to your friends. The upside of them not being professionals is that the mood will become lighter because there it can simply be like talking to friends. Except these friends are well versed and experienced in the field of mental health so they are still qualified to give advice especially since the online therapy that will be recommended to you is based on your baseline health assessment. You can also check what the peer is experienced in, like if they’re experienced in talking about depression, relationships, or many more.


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