18 Best Health And Fitness Apps For 2018-2019 (Physical And Mental Wellness) Part 2 

This blog is a continuation or a Part 2 of the previous post in this site. It is of the same title which is 18 Best Health And Fitness Apps For 2018-2019 (Physical And Mental Wellness), except that it states Part 1. If you haven’t read that post yet, then go there first before you divulge on this blog.  


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And so, moving on. 




If you’re a competitive runner or cyclist, this app is perfect for you. With this app, you can analyze your performances as this app puts more emphasis on that. You can also see how you measure up to other competitors, runners, or cyclists in the area so you can see what to improve on. 


Fit Radio 


Working out is done best with music to hype you. With Fit Radio, you will be able to get access to mixes or beats by different DJs that would fit your workout. You can even choose what beats to use based on the genre or type of exercise. 


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To fully enjoy the music, you might need to get a premium membership though for $3.99 monthly as the free version of this app will give you access to only one music genre and some mixes. But the premium entirely is worth it as you can have greater than 25 types and stations to listen to and you can skip as much as you like. 




Feeling stressed is normal, but long-term stress isn’t. To manage your stress, use Happify, which follows strategies anchored in science and made by psychology experts. It can help you pick a track that can help you improve your mindset and reduce the stress you’re feeling. 




If you’re one of the people who love to run for miles and outside the city, this app might be for you. You can map the routes you have gone through and see where you have been to while running. The process of using this app is simple actually.  


Lose It! 


Controlling your meal portions is difficult but Lose It can help you be more effective with it. You can track your diet and meals by searching for the food, scanning the barcode, or putting in the calorie count of the meal. You can also follow your exercises and see how much you’ve burned and how much calories you ate. 




A simple app that can help a lot, CycleCast can help you track your workouts. This also allows you to choose an instructor and organize your playlist for your workouts. 




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Log on your running statistics like distance, time, and pace without overly complicating things with analytics. You set your own goals in this app and they can achieve this either by losing weight or running a certain amount of distance or pace. 




Exercising isn’t the only way to stay healthy and fit. Your diet is vital too. Fooducate can help educate you on the foods you buy by scanning their barcodes. After you’ve examined them you’re now able to know if this food is right for you or not. 


You can also use this to make your grocery list by finding the products in the app listed as the healthiest in stores. 


Pocket Yoga 


Yoga is helpful not just for exercising but also for reducing stress. Pocket Yoga can help you do yoga anytime and anywhere. You can also have lots of poses suited for all people. 




If you’re unmotivated to lose weight, then DietBet will make you motivated as you can win money by losing weight. The process of this app starts with betting on how much weight you want to lose or how long your workout should be. Then if at least 4 percent of body weight is lost, you can earn your money back. 




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Have a more positive and mindful year by using Calm. This can help you reduce your stress or anxiety by teaching you meditation through the 7 Days of Calm series. The free version is already good but the premium (which costs $3.33 monthly), you can have better-guided meditations that are also more comprehensive. 

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