18 Best Health And Fitness Apps For 2018-2019 (Physical And Mental Wellness) Part 1 

In the age of information and social media, online applications are the name of the game. There are loads of favorite apps out there like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr which can help you connect with different people all over the globe and with loved ones. Not only can those do that but these also help you have access to various pictures and videos.


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These apps are useful but have you ever thought of using an app to improve your health? Having an app for your health may seem ludicrous, but there was a study which showed that people who use fitness apps were observed to have a lower BMI or body mass index. They were more likely to move around and be active compared to those who didn’t have these mobile apps.


Apps can help people understand exercising and workouts better, how to practice it at their own time and pace. In turn, it will lead to having a better workout habit. And as they continue with their activities, these habits can make significant changes.


But you can’t download everything, so you have to choose which apps to install. To help you select, here are some of the best and top health and fitness apps for this year and most likely up to 2019.


Couch To 5k


With this app’s supportive community and the option to have an interactive coach to motivate you, you’ll easily be able to start getting off your couch and running and finish a 5k race. It also allows you to monitor your progress through the distance and pace you achieved.




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The app My Fitness Pal is perhaps one of the best fitness apps out there especially concerning a good diet. It has an extensive database of food and also allows you to scan barcodes to get the nutrition. You can also easily track your meals, calories, and exercises through this app.




A community-based fitness app, ActiveX can help you train and work out in groups. Working out is more fun and exciting with training plans for 5k’s and more. What’s better is that you can share your achievements with your friends and family.


Sleep Cycle


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Sleep Cycle is one of the more popular apps in the list. Sleep is essential in being healthy, and this app helps you with that. This app can help you sleep better by tracking your sleep cycles and analyzing your movement and then waking you up when you’re at your lightest sleep cycle. It can lessen the exhaustion felt when waking up.




Sworkit or Simply Work It allows you to have a versatile workout that will be suited to your needs and limitations as you get to customize it. If you check their website, Sworkit promises their users that if they follow their customized video workouts religiously for six weeks, there will be a visible change in their physical health.


Charity Miles


Have you ever thought of exercising and helping others at the same time? Well, this app is the right one. For every distance you walk, run, or bike, you earn money. It’s about 10 cents for those who cycle and 25 cents per mile for those who run and walk.


Another good thing is that you get to choose where to donate your money. There are charities like Habitat for Humanity that can receive your donation.


Pear Personal Coach


PEAR acts as your personal trainer but unlike the real person, this app alternative is very cheap. It can also give you loads of interactive workouts that came from different trainers or coaches like Jay Johnson and Deena Kastor.


You can also learn what your maximum oxygen rate consumption during exercise is. It can help you adjust better in future workouts and improve.



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On the next blog, more health and fitness apps will be discussed. Hope you check out these apps and find one or two that will be useful for you. Until then, see you on the next blog!

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