4 Mental Health Apps For People Who Can’t See A Therapist

Millions all over the world now experience mental health disorders. In the United States alone, the National Institute of Mental Health estimated that about 43.6 million adults in 2014 were affected by a mental health problem. And these figures don’t even include issues like substance abuse. People ages 18 to 49 years old are also more likely to have mental health problems. These numbers show how mental health has become a severe and impending issue that must be solved.

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Unfortunately, not everyone can afford or has access to mental health services. This is why other methods are essential, including platforms like BetterHelp. These online resources provide loads of benefits for people who have no access to face-to-face counseling or therapy.

Here are four mental health apps that can help you if you can’t see a therapist.

  1. Talkspace

If you’re looking for a way to get into contact with licensed professionals and therapists at a cheaper cost, then Talkspace is the app for you. Talkspace can help you connect with licensed therapists through methods like texting, video calls, or calling. This app isn’t entirely free, but the costs that come with it are also reasonable and reasonably cheaper as opposed to going to a therapist physically. You can get an unlimited messaging therapy for $128 or about $32 weekly.  But if you want a live session too, the fee will become $172 monthly. The cost can jump up to $276 per month if you’re going to have four available live sessions. Couples’ therapy is also available for $189 monthly. This app isn’t the best for those who are saving in money, but the prices are reasonable as compared to traditional therapy.


  1. Breakthrough

Imagine Uber, but instead of seeking for drivers, you look for therapists. That’s basically how Breakthrough works. The good thing about this app is that you are given the power to choose your therapist. You can also browse those using different variables like their location and specialty. If you think you have found the right therapist for you, then you can message them to arrange something, and so you can see if they can meet your needs. You can even choose when you have an appointment, so it makes sure that you’re available on that day. Meetings usually last from 15 minutes to an hour, so it doesn’t take up too much of your time either. While the prices differ based on the therapist, this covers most major insurance plans.


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  1. Operation Reach Out

Soldiers and the military were trained to protect the nation. However, defending the country doesn’t come without consequences. It’s known that most military people who come back from serving or from war also come back with mental health disorders like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD and depression. Sometimes, this military personnel experiences mental health problems to the point of having suicidal thoughts. This app is aimed to help those people have someone to reach out to and to prevent suicides in personnel and also in veterans. You’ll never really know what runs in someone’s brain especially in veterans’ minds, which have been in wars. Since this is free, anyone can use it. For family members and friends of military personnel and veterans, this app can significantly help them.


  1. Theravive

Compared to other apps mentioned above, Theravive is available on the browser rather than in an app, making it free to use. However, the site acts more of a liaison between the patient and the therapists, and it cannot directly help you. But instead, it can connect you to therapists and psychiatrists. You can use this site to find therapists or browse through therapists in your city or location. You can also browse therapists based on their specialty and availability for online sessions. The therapists you can connect to do not offer their services for free, but you can still find the therapist to suit your budget using the site. You can also read up on mental health articles on the site.


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