Best Nutrition Apps Of The Year



Nowadays, the internet has a sheer volume of diet advice to offer. Different applications also started to come out offering from locating healthy food items to monitoring your daily intake. But have you ever wondered what would work for you? Here are the apps that made our list this year based on their reviews, quality, and reliability in helping you achieve your fitness goals.


Counting calories is no easy task, breaking it down is even more. But with CarbsControl, managing your daily intake has been made easy as it helps you monitor the number of calories from carbohydrates, fat, and protein. The app also allows you to customize and allocate your carbohydrate allowance to keep you on track.

Food Intolerances

Being cautious with what you buy and eat, mainly due to food sensitivities and allergies, is very important. Food Intolerances allow you to quickly scan the shelves and identify what you can and cannot eat. You may search by category or even set a filter to come up with a list of food free of your intolerances. The app includes intolerances like lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivity or high-FODMAP foods.


Aside from having a rich database, Nutrients can provide a full nutritional breakdown of what you consume in a day even if you input your recipe. The app also allows you to search for specific food items and to customize its serving size. You can also keep track of your record with the app’s daily food journal.


Love eating out but having trouble finding a nutritious meal? HealthyOut aims to offer the best healthy and nutritious finds at your local restaurants. The app helps narrow down your option by your choice of diet (e.g., low-carb, Paleo) and allows you to have an even better nutritional breakdown through suggesting modifications on your chosen dish.



Counting your calories has never been this easy! MyFitnessPal has got your covered boasting with the most extensive food database that enables you to find, add, and save items for your daily tally. The application also allows you to have a full nutritional breakdown of your home-cooked meal through a recipe calculator.


Have you been tracking your water intake lately? Waterlogged allows you to keep tabs on your daily drinking habits and shows helpful reminders in achieving your goal per day. You may take a photo of your water container and save for natural selection when you check how near you are to your desired consumption for the day.



Getting tired from reading all the labels to find that perfect fit? ShopWell does the job for you by suggesting foods based on your fitness goals and dietary restrictions. Through the app’s scanner, you are quickly alerted about the foods you have an intolerance to or about those you try to avoid.

Fitocracy Macros

Wanting to check how many macros you have remaining? Fitocracy Macros allows you to track and monitor your daily macronutrients at a glance. Aside from having a full history feature, you also can set your macronutrient goals or identify how much you need each day.


It is essential to keep a record of one’s progress when trying to lose more weight. MyNetDiary provides personalized diet advice from the analysis of daily logs concerning the set weight goal. You also can customize the nutrients you would like to keep track of in your daily intake. Aside from this, tracking your progress is quite easy as the app enables you to monitor body measurements, lab results, and symptoms.


What better way to achieve your health goal than having a whole community boosting your motivation? Aside from great food and exercise tracking feature, MyPlate has a very active and supportive community that allows users to connect real-time with people who share the same fitness goals.


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