Mobile Apps Can Help With Physical Activity



Maintaining a physically fit and healthy body is more fun when using mobile devices, but the question is – are they able to influence human behavior through engaging in more physical activities? As indicated by an article in The Journal of Medical Internet Research, the answer is – “Yes!”

People often point a finger to technology for making them lazy; and claim that they invest more time and energy on phones or computers, rather than being physically active. However, that opinion is being changed by mobile health and fitness technology, thanks to the introduction and advancement of the app market and online communities. There are now more convenient tools available every day that can help people track their health and fitness information. Rather than seeing mobile devices as a burden to personal well-being, people must consider them as opportunities to improve their lifestyle.

Mobile Technology And Fitness


Studies have been conducted to determine the effects of mobile devices on the physical activity of an individual. Through analyzing various studies which involved mobile “interventions” (such as text messages offering fitness motivation), analysts were able to confirm that mobile devices tend to increase a person’s physical activity. This kind of study likewise helped people to understand the advantages of using mobile phones concerning one’s physical fitness status.  The meta-analysis included studies that were participated by more than 1,350 respondents.

Among those studies, eight utilized text messages to promote fitness motivation, four relied on smartphone applications, and two used self-reports on PDAs. One of the studies discovered that underactive adults aged 50 years and older, who received daily and weekly feedback, goal setting, and support through their mobile phones were able to raise their moderate to vigorous physical activity in as much as 177.7 minutes per week. On the contrary, those who weren’t given such motivations in their mobile devices declined their moderate to vigorous physical activity by 80 minutes per week.

The Rise Of The App Store


Many of these applications result in behavioral changes among their users including the promotion of healthier lifestyles. Similarly, people can make consistent exercise patterns, healthier food choices and periodic tracking of vital health information.

Nike Training Club

It provides users with a searchable food database of more than 2,249,000 goods. The 2012 University of Illinois study authors stated that using advanced sensors enables to commit more accuracy in monitoring physical activities. These sensors can determine the pace, speed, location, distance and help spur device users to beat their last timed run, push one more mile or discover new routes.

Sharing Means Caring

Through the use of mobile devices, the ability to share has become much more accessible and extremely popular in the health and fitness industry. Many fitness apps include a “share” button where users can post their completed workouts to social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook. They have the liberty to show their friends how far or fast they have run, or highlight a new goal they have reached.

The ability for goal settings motivates users to do much more that they become competitive. It is clear that these devices have a significant impact as to how people manage their health. Through recent studies, people can visualize just how much of a positive influence they can receive. Previous studies revealed that most positive effects, such as those enumerated in a study that was published entitled, “Archives of Internal Medicine.” This observed that behavior changes in diet and activity are influenced by technology.

Upon acquiring sufficient knowledge about the positive benefits of integrating technology with physical fitness, it’s vital to examine the functions of active technologies, such as interactive education and self-monitoring. By effectively using these devices to measure and monitor the health and fitness information, there isn’t only a potential to increase physical activity but likewise to improve the overall health status.

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